"An interwoven collection of stories exploring love, death, and family as characters combat the dust of life to uncover happiness.”

A filmed collection of 15 monologues showcasing the talents of New Mexico’s actors. These short pieces are designed to spotlight the caliber of New Mexico talent and be released on a weekly basis online in conjunction with several New Mexico-based film organizations. The collection will also be screened in its entirety at the Albuquerque Film and Music Experience, presented to local casting directors and talent agents for consideration, and ultimately released as a festival bound short film. With the increasing number of film and television productions coming to New Mexico, local on-screen talent may have a greater opportunity to prove their worth. Key roles are often cast from out-of-state markets, which diminishes the chance for New Mexico actors to compete for these roles, crippling the spirit here in the film community, despite all its potential, ideas, and milestones. This shift, however small at first, would grow until New Mexico’s talent pool could sustain the work demanded of it, effectively competing with that of Los Angeles. The Dust Monologues offers a platform for increased exposure of New Mexico actors, potentially changing the way incoming studios, networks, and filmmakers perceive our talent, cast their productions, and consider our local, above-the-line professionals.


Wes Studi

Barbie Robertson

Vic Browder

Debrianna Mansini

Marc Comstock

Esodie Geiger

Tatanka Means

Ava Wagenman

Andy Brooks

Dodie Montgomery

Jack Forcinito

Sarah Minnich

Jack O’Donnell

Lora Martinez-Cunningham

Andy Kastelic