A director, actor, and writer from Albuquerque, NM instilled with a fierce passion for storytelling and a love for cinema. After studying theatre at Eastern New Mexico University, where an affinity for affecting character studies intensified, storytelling opportunities were sought in Seattle. Four years of graveyard shifts and short film narratives taught a better understanding of people, story, and a move was made to Los Angeles to further acting studies at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute, where “the method” was studied under David Strasberg, Anne De Salvo, and Andre Landzaat. After forming Balian Pictures, LLC upon returning to Albuquerque, a BA in Cinematic Arts from the University of New Mexico was completed while gaining postproduction experience as an independent editor and sound designer in the narrative and commercial fields. There are millions of stories out there, and telling a few with an eye for relevance, wonder, and cinematic excellence is the aim. 


Best Short Film, New York City International Film Festival (2018) Rex
Best US Dramatic Short, Austin Revolution Film Festival (2018) Rex
Best New Mexico Film, Albuquerque Film and Music Experience (2018) Rex Best New Mexico Film, Albuquerque Film and Music Experience (2019) The Dust Monologues
Cannes Court Métrage Selection, 48HFP, Albuquerque (2017) Secondhand Sunset
Best Editing, New Mexico Women in Film Festival (2017) Days Young and Golden
Best Drama, New Mexico Filmmaker Showcase (2015) Ballad of the Boatman
Best Picture, Director, Screenplay, Cinematography, 48HFP Albuquerque (2014) Bluebell
Best Actor, Albuquerque Film & Music Experience (2017) Days Young and Golden
Best Dramatic Actor, New Mexico Actor Showcase (2014) Jackrabbit